Discover Your Perfect Telephone Headset Wearing Style!

Choosing the right telephone headset isn’t just about sound quality and features – comfort and style matter too! Let’s explore the various wearing styles so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

Plantronics HW720 HeadsetOver-the-Head

Classic and Comfortable
Over-the-head headsets are the most popular choice for office environments. They feature a padded headband that sits over your head and cushioned ear pads that cover one or both ears. Perfect for all-day wear, they provide excellent sound quality and comfort.

Plantronics HW530 HeadsetOn-the-Ear

Light and Flexible
On-the-ear headsets clip onto your ear, providing a lightweight and non-intrusive option. They’re great for quick calls and those who don’t like the feel of a headband. These are perfect for multitaskers who need to move around freely.

203 Convertible HeadsetConvertible

Versatile and Adaptable
Can’t decide? Convertible headsets offer multiple wearing styles in one device. Switch between over-the-head and on-the-ear styles to suit your preference and situation. These are perfect for those who like to mix things up!

201 Single Ear HeadsetSingle-Ear (Mono) (Monaural)

Balanced and Aware
Single-ear headsets, also known as mono headsets, cover only one ear. They’re ideal for those who need to stay aware of their surroundings while on a call. Whether you’re working in a collaborative office space or need to keep an ear out for family at home, single-ear headsets offer the perfect balance of focus and awareness.

202 Dual Ear HeadsetDual-Ear (Stereo) (Binaural)

Immersive and Focused
For those who need to block out noise and stay focused, dual-ear headsets cover both ears, providing stereo sound. They’re perfect for busy call centers or noisy environments, ensuring you hear every word clearly.

No matter your preference, there’s a headset wearing style that’s just right for you. Find your perfect match and enjoy comfortable, clear conversations all day long!

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