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Boost your office productivity with our premium selection of Connect, Plantronics and Jabra office telephone headsets. Whether you need corded or wireless options, our headsets are designed to deliver crystal-clear audio, exceptional comfort, and reliable performance. Perfect for busy call centers and professional office environments, our headsets feature advanced noise-canceling technology, ensuring your conversations are always clear and uninterrupted. Compatible with leading telephone systems like Cisco and Avaya, our headsets offer versatile wearing styles, including single ear, dual ear, and convertible options. Shop now and experience the best in office communication solutions with Connect, Plantronics and Jabra headsets.
  • Headsets Connect Headsets Connect
    Since 1998, Headsets Connect has been supplying Call Center Grade corded phone headsets, wireless headsets, headset telephones, and a diverse range of headset accessories to meet the needs of medical, insurance, and financial offices, as well as large call centers. Our products offer guaranteed compatibility, affordability, value, comfort, and flexibility, ensuring your daily business operations run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Plantronics / Poly / HP Plantronics / Poly / HP
    Discover our top-quality selection of Plantronics, Poly, HP telephone headsets and accessories, perfect for contact centers, office environments, and work-from-home setups. These headsets deliver superior audio clarity, comfort, and durability, enhancing productivity and ensuring seamless communication. With both corded and wireless options available, our headsets are compatible with all major phone systems, making them ideal for any professional setting.
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Connect PRO 201 Corded Headset
Average Rating(1)
Call Center Tough! Single Ear Monaural
Wearing Style
Single Ear / Monaural
Connect PRO 203 Corded Headset
Average Rating(1)
Call Center Tough! Convertible
Wearing Style
Connect PRO 202 Corded Headset
Call Center Tough! Two Ear Binaural
Wearing Style
Dual Ear / Binaural
Connect HD 521 Corded Headset
Stylish, compact and light Single Ear Monaural
Connect HD 522 Corded Headset
Stylish, compact and light Two Ear Binaural
Connect Ultra 541 Corded Headset
Superior all-day wearing comfort Single Ear Monaural
Connect Chameleon 507 HD Corded Headset
#1 choice of enterprise call centers - Convertible
Connect Ultra 542 Corded Headset
Superior all-day wearing comfort Two Ear Binaural
Poly Plantronics HW510V EncorePro Headset
89435-01 / 783Q3AA#ABA
Poly Plantronics HW510 EncorePro Headset
89433-01 / 783Q1AA#ABA
Poly Plantronics HW520V EncorePro Headset
89436-01 / 783P8AA#ABA
Poly Plantronics HW530 EncorePro Headset
201500-01 / 783P2AA#ABA
Poly Plantronics HW540 EncorePro Headset
88828-01 / 783P0AA#ABA
Poly Plantronics HW710 EncorePro Headset
78712-101 / 805H7AA#ABA
Poly Plantronics HW520 EncorePro Headset
89434-01 / 783P6AA#ABA
Poly Plantronics HW720 EncorePro Headset
78714-101 / 805H6AA#ABA
Connect AIR 701 Wireless DECT Headset
Average Rating(1)
WIRELESS! >> Universal Compatibility Convertible
Poly Plantronics Savi 7210 Wireless DECT Headset
MPN: 213010-01
Poly Plantronics Savi 7220 Wireless DECT Headset
MPN: 213020-01
Poly Plantronics CS540 Wireless DECT Headset
MPN: 84693-01
$299.95  $289.00
Poly Plantronics CS540 Wireless DECT Headset - HL10 Lifter Bundle
MPN: 84693-11
$349.95  $329.00