Headsets Connect DP34 Dial Pad Telephone Keypad Dialer
Connect DP34 Telephone Keypad Dialer

Headsets Connect DP34 Dial Pad Telephone Keypad Dialer

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The latest in a long line of innovative and feature-rich industry grade call center and telemarketing products. The Connect DP34 Telephone Keypad Dialer is quickly proving to be the headset phone of choice for today's expanding telemarketing industry. Ideal for professionals, entrepreneurs, and home users alike! An exceptional bargain and value.

  • Receiving volume control
  • Transmission volume control
  • Tone controller low and high sound
  • Mute switch for temporary call suspension
  • Last number redial (LNR)
  • Flash (FLA)
  • Repeat dial (RP)
  • Simultaneous call selection
  • Extension jack to the other phone and modem
  • Recording jack for external recorder
  • LED light in use
  • Mute switch (LED light)
  • Two headset jacks for agent and supervisor
  • Computer keyboard style buttons
Setup Instructions:

Simply plug the supplied 5 foot line cord into the phone outlet and headset into the dial pad and you’re set to go. If you have a longer cord and wish to use that, simply unplug the line cord that came with the unit and plug your cord into the same port.

You can check out the following video for more information about this dial pad:

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