What is a telephone headsets amplifier/adapter and why might I need one?

If your telephone does not have a headset port, you will need an amplifier/adapter to control the volume on your headset. Amplifiers give you volume control for both incoming and outgoing voice levels.

Telephone Headset Amplifier/Adapter Setup

An amplifier/adapter is needed when connecting a headset to a telephone when there is no dedicated headset port on the telephone. You can determine if your telephone requires an amplifier/adapter by checking the sides and bottom of your telephone for a dedicated headset port. The port will usually be marked with a headset label. If your particular telephone does not have a dedicated headset port, you can connect your headset via an adapter/amplifier.

Office Phones with Dedicated Headset Ports

You can also use our Make/Model section to navigate to your particular telephone model to determine if you need an adapter/amplifier. After you select your telephone manufacturer and the specific headset you would like to use, you will see a list of model numbers in the options section of the product page. If your telephone model is not listed, you can choose to add an amplifier/adapter to your headset order.

If you are still unsure about whether you need an amplifier/adapter, please contact a Headsets Connect Headset Expert. We are happy to help you find just the headset you need.

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Connect Universal Corded Headset Amplifier
Adapts any Connect Headset to any office phone. Features volume & mute.
Plantronics M22 Multi Purpose Amplifier
Adapts any Connect Headset to any office phone. Features volume & mute.